Q & A – Kundalini Reiki

Q: What “edition” of the Kundalini Reiki healing frequencies am I receiving?

A: My latest attunement – and the ones you have received – are the 2025 energies.

Q: Will an activated Kundalini help me to better shield myself from EMF
(Electro Magnetic Fields)?

A: Yes, it will. As a result of the Kundalini Activation, your body’s natural defense mechanism will become stronger.

Q: I felt the Kundalini energy very much when it was activated and the days after. Then the feeling decreased. Is this normal?

A: Usually the Kundalini flow (or any attunement) is felt much during or right after its activation… and then it appears to fade. Suddenly you might not notice it anymore, and then you might doubt if the Kundalini is still active. This is normal.

Imagine that you slip into a bathtub with very hot water.
In the beginning, it feels very hot. But as you have been in the water for some time, you begin to get used to the water temperature. And suddenly, when the water has reached the exact same temperature as your body, you do not feel the water at all!

Only of course if you move, then you will feel it’s friction – but the water itself is not felt, because it has the same temperature as your body.
It’s the same with the awakened Kundalini.

Once it’s integrated and you have become the enhanced energy, you will not feel it as something different from you – you are just it.

It’s a natural part of you.

Q: Is there something I can do to keep the Kundalini flow strong?

A: When your Kundalini is activated, it should continue to “work”, as it is the natural flow of your energy system.

There can though be situations in life, that can “weaken” the already active flow. Example traumas or releasing a lot of blocks/negative emotions.
You can use meditation and visualization as a way to clear out any stagnated energy, that is stuck anywhere in your system.

Here’s an example:

Simply imagine that energy/life force is emitting from Earth. Imagine that this life force is entering up through your legs, up through all your chakras, starting with the Root Chakra and ending through and out of your Crown chakra, like a fountain. Keep this flow for as long as you like, until you feel a release.

This method can be repeated every week or whenever you feel like.