Call in your attunement

Follow the simple instructions below to call in your attunement.

It is similar to when you receive a distance healing, but the intention and wording is slightly different.

An attunement is ALSO a healing, so you can experience i.e. tiredness, after, emotions surfacing in the days passing, joy, releif and anything in between. This is normal.

Here’s how to call it in.

  1. Make sure you have at least 25 minutes of undisturbed peace, preferably more.
  2. Please relax in any way you see fit – it could be by taking a shower/bath prior, drinking a cup of tea in your favorite place of your favorite cup, lightening incense and/or candles, listening to relaxing music or however you prefer.
  3. Position yourself comfortably, whether seated or lying down, relax and close your eyes.
  4. To yourself state “I am now receiving and activating my Kundalini Reiki level [state your level here, i.e. Level 1] attunement, that Clairre Sommer is providing me, in my highest good and the highest good of all beings everywhere” – (or an equivalent statement, if the above feels slightly uncomfortable to you). The main point is having the intention to call in and activate the Kundalini Reiki Level “X” frequencies in your energy system.
  5. Turn your hands, so your palms face upwards in a receiving position while resting either on your lap or along your body.
  6. Just close your eyes and relax and let the healing frequencies flow into you. Simply allow them in and to work.
  7. Some will feel my presence, others pressure on different parts of the body, tingling sensations, emotions that surface, images or swirling colors or geometric patterns before their inner eye and some will feel absolutely nothing at all. All are valid and perfectly normal. The healing frequencies are settling themselves and opening your healing channels whether you actually sense it or not.
  8. After app. +/- 25 minutes (you will likely have a sense of when) your attunement and activation are complete. Get up, drink a glass of cold water. Some will feel slightly tired, others energized and so on, it depends on the day and state of your mind and body.

Now try to test your hands. Say “Reiki” or “Activate Reiki” to yourself (whichever feels better for you). After Kundalini Reiki 2, you can use the words “Kundalini Reiki”.

If you are sensitive to energy, you will likely feel a slight difference in the palm of your hands. It can be a sort of tingling sensation, a buzzing, warmth or similar.
Personally, I feel it from the sole of my feet rushing up through my energy channels in the torso, to my shoulders and down through my arms to my hands, creating a buzzing and tingling sensation in my palms.

But how YOU feel it, may be different.
While we are all one, we all have each out body with different sensations too 🙂

Now simply go along with your day (or go straight to sleep, if you wish) and be mindful that in the following week emotions, tiredness, happiness, thoughts and other can surface, even some you thought long forgotten. 
This, too, is perfectly normal, simply allow to be, accept and release as needed.
Just remember too up your intake of water in the week after to facilitate the activation, healing and cleansing on all levels.